Choose Only the Accredited Physical Therapy Assistant Schools

Choosing a good career can always be both a stressful and challenging position for anyone to be in. When there’s no clear cut winner that stands out as a most desirable career, then individual would have to weigh pros and cons of any given career before choosing the best one. The biggest advantage of physical therapy assistant is that it has a strong demand in the job market of the United States, with an average salary of around $70,000 or more in most states. Best thing about this career is that you need to study in any one of the physical therapy assistant schools for just two years to get the necessary certification.

Two years of education makes it an easily accessible career for most individuals. This career also happens to be experiencing tremendous growth and is an excellent and paying field if you want a in demand job. The only con of this job is difficult you might experience as there can be lot of bending, lifting, and stooping. Also, working with patients can be mentally difficult for many people, so this career is not for every one. However, this career ranks one of the top ten jobs in the US.

Let’s have a close look at why you should choose only accredited physical therapy assistant schools. Any health care career that does not have five to six years of study will obviously be a highly competitive business. Mostly, schools may pop up or disappear at a quick rate. As physical therapy assistant is just a two year program, there are many schools offering this program.

The best way to ascertain what physical therapy assistant schools offer the best programs that meet the APTA ( American Physical Therapy Association) requirements, and have also received necessary accreditation from the CAPTE (Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education). This automatically ensures that your physical therapy assistant program meets the national standards, and will be easily acceptable for working in any state.

As physical therapy assistant is a registered health practitioner, therefore, he or she may need a state license ot work. Often the eligibility for state license comes down to education. While some private schools offer a program that may be acceptable in one state, a CAPTE accreditation will make you eligible in all the US states. This gives you tremendous flexibility and can have a big effect on your earning potential.

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All CAPTE accredited physical therapy assistant programs ensure all students learn the required curriculum that’s approved by American Physical Therapy Association. Also all those who study CAPTE programs will have to complete sixteen weeks of hands on clinical placement. Currently there are more than 260 physical therapy assistant schools in the US. Whether it’s the overall earning potential or the career flexibility, When it comes to physical therapy assistant education, you best possible option is to choose only accredited school.